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Telespond Senior Services is now open five days per week and welcomes new clients to join the program. If you have questions, please contact Julie Condrad, Director of Adult Day Care and In-home Personal Care Operations, at or (570) 346-7860.

We provide compassionate, professional on-site and in-home services for our region’s seniors

Conversations, Considerations and Choices: A Focus on Your Loved One and Your Family

Today’s seniors have lived their lives on their terms. They’re resilient and they want to stay independent. But one truth remains—we’re all getting older every day.

Initiating the conversation about in-home services or out-of-home options—whether for day-to-day activities or more long-term care—is an important step towards finding the care solution that works for your loved one, your family and for you.

Caregivers, individuals and families must feel completely comfortable with all decisions made, and researching available options is the first step. We’re so glad you’re here, and we’re ready to help.

Collaboration and Coordination: The Client + Caregiver + Community Connection

The Telespond Senior Services team is sensitive to the unique emotional, mental and physical needs of our aging population as well as the individualized circumstances of each family unit. Open conversions with immediate and extended family members—as well as with healthcare professionals and social support providers—are key to developing an effective plan that works for your family.

Whether your loved one spends one or two days a week on-site with us or receives in-home care five days a week, our professional staff and dedicated volunteers will meet you where you are.

As you get to know the team and clients at Telespond Senior Services, you and your loved one might be surprised to discover the community you didn’t even know you needed.

We’re Hiring!

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Telespond Senior Services—formerly known as Telespond—has been providing safe, quality, individualized on-site and in-home care services for Northeastern Pennsylvania’s elderly population since 1974. Our team is well-versed in and sensitive to the unique circumstances around aging and caregiving, and income will never be a barrier to accessing our services

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