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Adult Day services is a professional care setting in which older adults, adults living with dementia, or adults living with disabilities receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day at our facility.

Senior Day Services provides a coordinated program of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based group setting. Services are designed to provide social and some health services to adults who need supervised care in a safe place outside the home during the day. We afford caregivers respite from the demanding responsibilities of care-giving. Our day center operates extended hours five days a week to allow caregivers and family members to pursue normal work and school schedules. The program also offers services during selected weekends.

  • Registered nursing on staff for medical model care including: blood pressure, diabetes, diet and weight management.
  • Social activities, small group outings and entertainment
  • Four levels of care appropriate for each clients’ respective cognitive and physical abilities.
  • Assistance with eating, medication management, toileting and ambulation
  • Therapeutic activities, exercise and mental interaction for all participants
  • Transportation, door to door service is available
  • Participants are provided with healthy meals and snacks, those with special dietary needs are accommodated.
  • Personal Care including: bathing, grooming, feeding and other personal activities of daily living.
  • Showers and Salon Services are available
elderly woman playing mini bowling at Senior Day Services

We meet the clients where they are at” in terms of wellbeing: high functioning, reading the newspaper, watching the news playing cards to persons who need more personalized attention and care such as continual mobility assistance and personal interaction. Participants spend the day in a clean, safe and structured environment. The facility includes both indoor and outdoor activity areas designed for all including, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Physical and Occupational Therapeutic Services

We offer on-site comprehensive physical and occupational therapy which is another reason to choose Senior Day Services for your loved one’s care. Our contracted therapists are specialist in geriatric rehabilitation and can assist with rehabilitating orthopedic conditions, neurological conditions, and general debility. The Physical therapist include a certified therapist in the LSVT BIG Program for Parkinson’s which is a research backed protocol to assist with moving bigger and improving the quality of life of those individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Strength and walking speed are vital signs and can predict future falls which research has linked it to longevity. As one ages, it is crucial to exercise to maintain muscle mass and subsequent functional ability.

It is ideal for participants to receive their therapy treatments while at our Senior Day Service’s day program as the family and participants do not need to contend with getting transportation to and from therapy appointments and can be seen individually during their daily stay at our facility. Mobile Therapy Services is our provider and is Medicare approved and accepts most major insurances. Most individuals qualify and do not have any co-payments or financial liabilities for therapy services. All services are furnished under Medicare Part B and are performed on a one to one basis with their therapist. Patients see the same therapist for all of their treatments. To begin, all that is needed is a prescription for outpatient physical and/or occupational therapy from a referring physician.


We understand that getting your family member to and from an adult day program can be very challenging. Senior Day Services provides “door to door” transportation to and from our Adult Day facility. Our trained drivers operate lift-outfitted vans to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our vans are DOT certified, licensed, and insured to serve our seniors better. The driving staff takes time to get to know the clients and their families so they can provide the best individualized, professional service possible.

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