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Older adults want to remain in their homes as long as possible, and in order to do that they need supportive services. If you, or a loved one, are having difficulty with tasks of daily living then you will want to learn about Senior Day Services’ Senior Companion Program! This is a free service offered to our community’s elder population for a few of hours, one or two days a week.

The individuals helped by Senior Companions receive:

  • Assistance with errands and important daily tasks
  • Encouragement to remain active
  • A watchful eye to notice when they need extra care
  • A friendship that can last a lifetime
Elderly woman looking over senior activity brochures

Senior Companions also provide needed respite for caregivers so that they can run errands, take a needed break, or tend to their selves and families and other duties. Senior Companions are volunteers who make life-changing connections with older adults, assisting them in basic but essential ways and making a significant contribution to their quality of life.

Call Kathy Coyne 570-961-1950 to discuss availability.

Do you or do you know someone who might enjoy being a Senior Companion Volunteer?

The initial requirements to become a Senior Companion:

  1. Are over 55 years of age
  2. Can Volunteer between 5 to 40 hours per week
  3. Enjoy helping others

If you are 55 or older, and want to share your experience and compassion, you have what it takes to be a Senior Companion.  By becoming a companion to a client, you help that person keep their indenpence and stay in their own home. Whether you’re giving families and caregivers much needed time off, assisting in small but essential ways, or simply being a friend, you’ll make a difference that strengthens and helps preserve an individual’s independence.

Senior Companions become part of a team of caregivers. Senior Companions also provide short periods of relief to primary caregivers such as family members.

As a Senior Companion you’ll receive:

  1. Pre-service training and on-going training
  2. A small financial stipend
  3. Benefit time and holidays
  4. Transportation cost reimbursement
  5. The joy of helping others live on their own
  6. Remember, when you volunteer, you’re not just helping others…you’re helping yourself. Volunteering leads to new discoveries and new friends. Plus, studies show that volunteering helps you live longer and promote a positive outlook on life.
  7. Help make independence a reality for those in need!
Older adults arriving by bus at Senior Day Services
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